iPod Nano Fakes, Knock-offs, Copies, Clones: A Guide for the Curious

GM1500Tianzuo Technology nanoHR-663Spotted on Phillipines siteSkyblue WhiteDafongShenzhen Thomson


New iPod nano copies appear in China at the rate of half a dozen a week. Did you know there are dozens of companies selling look-alikes of iPods in China? I have recently been doing some investigation of MP3 players in China (don’t ask!). I am amazed at how many companies have basically knocked off Apple’s designs. There are lots of copies of the older iPod and mini, but even in the few months that the nano has been available, it has been copied numerous times. I have come across so many of these, I have lost count!

The nano copies almost all have less memory than the nano (as little as 128MB, only 6% of the memory of the smaller nano). If they have 2Gb (only one that I have come across has 4GB), it is composed of two chips of 1GB each. It seems that Apple has gobbled up most of the 2GB NAND and all the 4GB available in Asia. The copies claim to have Samsung NAND and Action ATJ-2085 flash memory controller in the main. Most have video capabilities (MTV) – unlike the nano – and many have FM radios. Because of the video, they are known as MP4 rather than MP3 players. Since they have video, they have a bigger screen than Apple nano, but I suspect lower resolution (128*128 vs 176*132). Some claim a built-in speaker.

They are generally within a mm or two of Apple’s dimensions, that is between 39-41mm*88-90mm*6-8mm.

The pictures of these machines, and their operating system/s [OS], suggest that there are only three or four basic designs, copied dozens of times. Most are made in Shenzhen in Guangdong province. Some have suggested that these could be using parts from the *real* Apple nano pruduction lines. I’m sure that’s sometimes the case eg with flash chips, but these units don’t use the same controller as Apple: they all use Action J2085 controller vs ?PortalPlayer


The Action controller in the Shenzhen players leads to the stock-standard s1mp3 Chinese operating system


I assume there is no way these players could run the ipod OS or GUI.

The NAND chips will often come from the same site as Apple’s, and the Chinese suppliers hate Apple’s control of that source, which they claim means their margins are only a dollar or two on each player

iPod or imPoster?

Some companies just use Apple’s own jpegs to advertise their wares, complete with the ipod GUI, as if that is exactly what they are selling. Those displaying Apple pics include among others:

The real nano?

Shenzhen LTC IT company: LTC

Tianzuo Technology Ltd

These are not actually exact copies of the nano [the screen is usually bigger, for a start], and you can be sure they won’t be running the same GUI [graphic(al) user interface] that the iPod does. However, attitudes to intellectual property in China are very different to those in the Western world or Japan. One manufacturer boasted to a potential buyer that a visitor from Apple had said their fakes were more like the iPod than any other in China. Far from worrying his audience, the Apple guy’s comments had made the manufacturer feel “very pleased”. Another seller, when quizzed as to why his 2GB and 4GB models were exactly the same price, happily and candidly conceded that his 4GB nano’s memory is the same as his 2GB nano, i.e. it only has 2GB memory. The only difference was that the 4GB nano had “4GB” printed on the shell and the package. How do you respond to such disarming honesty?

A number of nano-copy manufacturers actually use packaging which clearly labels the product as an iPod nano:

Designed in California? I suppose technically the original packaging may have been “designed by Apple in California”, and since this is a duplication of that packaging…

With “Apple” CD’s

And even “Apple Software Agreements”


They come in boxes with fronts and backs that say “Apple”

and they look like this


The manufacturers obviously pride themselves on their duplication skills

..outside and in…

rear view


There is also one company with an interesting looking operating system on their nano:


Windows on DSM Nano

..or, if you prefer to read reverse Windows, there is this one


The Most Common Fake

The most common design is this one, which you will find at twenty or so other sites, including:

Standard knock-off designShenzhen Thomson digital technology

Shenzhen Skyblue Technology

Noka Technology Ltd

Topfar Industrial (HK)HR-663

OneAudio Digital

etc etc etc: there are lots! They come in black and white, and even in blue, purple (!) and aluminium in some cases. There must be 30 or 40 factories churning these out to order in China. One of the more recent is Moonbow, reported in i4u.com

It would be interesting to know what the sales of the clones are like, but these are only a small number amongst the hundreds of different designs of mp3/mp4 players on the Chinese market. By far the most common fake in that market is a Samsung YP-T7 look-alike. Here’s the original:

Samsung YP-T7

And seemingly every second manufacturer making mp3 players in China has a model that looks just like this. Here’s an example, from Maxspeed:

Samsung Knockoff

Look on ebay and you will find huge numbers of these Samsung fakes…………..but back to the nano fakes…

The same company, Maxspeed, has bitten the bullet. It was recently selling online on ebay a product which was pictured in one place as a nano, in another as the “nano two” model [see below]…it even had an “Apple” number MA099LL/A etc, had 1, 1.5 and 2GB and took expansion cards.

Nicer than the original?

There are other “nano” models which are attempts to improve on Apple’s original model. I must admit, I prefer this one to Apple’s design:

Nano White nano style

In case the changes blind you to to the origin of the design, these tend to be called “nano” mp3s or mp4s anyway. I’ll call it “nano two”, because that’s what some of these makers call it. You can see examples at:

Shenzhen seapower electrical products C/L

Shenzhen China fast science and technology ltd (Hisure brand)

Da & Fong Industrial

(Nano One at dafong is a pic of a “real” nano)

And then there’s Bonrun, which has a dollar each way, with no less than three models which resemble nanos, with the one model designation, “NANO-005B”:

Tianzuo Technology nanoBonrunMk1

The model second from right is clearly wider than the others, with a larger screen, but never mind. The other two designs (the four views on the left are of the basic nano clone model, and the centre and right pic represent the other “nano two” model) can be found more frequently elsewhere around the place. The dimensions are usually much the same as an iPod nano, although some are obviously not as thin as the nano.

By the way, in case you hadn’t realised the seismic shifts occurring in Asia, A Japanese company is now producing [badging?] this as a t-pod. It has elsewhere been described as a knockoff of Mpio’s HD400

…and another

There is also this model, which is a bit more rare:

HY Technology (HK)

Nano does video?

This model has the advantage of having its earpod jack on the bottom – rather than the side like most other nano-fakes – which probably means skins and covers designed for the nano will fit it without alteration. However, on HY’s own Shenzhen website it’s shown in a more familiar guise

Real Nano?

Likely Impact: Very Little?

As you might expect, these sell for less than the Apple, but the price differential is less than you might predict. The case and workings are put together for 20USD or so, but the manufacturers claim flash memory costs them 45-48USD for 1GB there, compared to Apple’s costs of about 54USD for 2GB, acccording to a well-known and oft-quoted report by isuppli:

So, while they are undoubtedly popular in China, and appear commonly on eBay (generally for about 100-130USD for a 1GB, 80-110USD for 512MB models), they do not appear to have enough of a price advantage to make big inroads into Apple’s profits. They might also be said to lack in the area of a GUI, and in comparison with Apple’s click-wheel technology. Are there hundreds of engineers in Shenzhen currently trying to clone the iPod’s GUI to run on Action controllers, or reverse-engineering click-wheels?
Apple may be more concerned by this due-for-release item from a more highly-credentialled competitor, the SanDisk Sansa e200,


spotted by a macrumors reader. This player apparently will come with everything the nano does [except the all-important ipod cachet, the OS/GUi, the AAC compatability], it has 2/4/6GB, does movies and FM radio, takes expansion cards (SanDisk’s of course) and has a big screen. And they boast it has a special coating so it will not scratch! Cheeky? See their press release about the e200 series. It has quite similar dimensions to the nano at 89*44mm, but is twice as thick (13mm vs 7mm), probably because – like other SanDisk models – it has a AAA battery pod projecting at the back. That may appeal to those folk who don’t like a battery that’s hidden away from them, or who keep running out of charge when they’re out running. The press release page also has features of the c140, which is sleek, black, color screen 1.2 inches, FM radio, voice in, jpeg viewer, and offers 1GB at 120USD and 2GB at 170USD. Now these could provide real competition for the fake nanos themselves, even on price [try buying a fake 1GB nano on eBay for 120USD and you’ll see what I mean!] All they lack is movies, although the value of .amv movies on the nano-fakes is questionable.
See also a review of the Sansa e270 here from LetsGoDigital

One last pic…some AppLe Pro headphones: with a name like that, they must be genuine!

AP ep


52 Responses to “iPod Nano Fakes, Knock-offs, Copies, Clones: A Guide for the Curious”

  1. Mr. Bob Dobolina Says:

    Wow, it just goes to prove the weight that the iPod holds on people. The iPod is arguably the best selling product on the planet. That is amazing. I also think it’s funny that Ford was trying to sell their cars by offering a free iPod with them.

  2. Information Says:

    Just to let people know, if they are thinking of buying from some of these companies as for refrences of people they have sold to in the past. Most of these dealers have a over 50% defect rate and if you order a lot of them expect empty boxes in the bottom of the crate, no repairs or refunds, boxes will say 512MB but will really have 256MB, and that’s if they don’t take your money and run!! Be careful!!!!

  3. wladston Says:

    Interesting page. Please not that the s1mp3.org is no official manufacturer site! It’s just a fan-site!

    If you are planning to buy these devices, get *O*N*L*Y* with a seller who can give warranty, mainly on the flash!

    S1mp3 hardware and firmware is very inferior to Apples ipod’s. There is no s1mp3 with click-wheel!

    If you find important info, please, remember to email me!

  4. Jason Says:

    Chinese can copy stuff the best! Its interesting, this nano design is sumwhot addictive, it must have sum special phsycological effect on humans. I think the fakes are sumwot more attractive, coz they got more features. But beware, these people just want your money, and cheap toys break easily! beware

  5. Andy Says:

    I have just received one of the 1GB nanolikes complete with silicon case from e bay, at a cost of £30. Its my first MP3 player and it appears to work well.

  6. Dianna Says:

    After owning many iPods and wanting to upgrade to the nano I went on eBay and found the look-alike. By all accounts it “seemed” better than the iPod. The sound quality is fantastic, the reception with the FM Radio is better than the add on for the iPod, it just seemed like a slam dunk.

    Then the BIG problem came and I’ve contacted sellers and other buyers alike. You can’t seem to access folders or playlists on the Music file. You can see them, and you can open them, but you can’t select them to play. The sellers say “it’s tricky, but once you get the right button pattern figured out you can easily access the folders for the MP3 music..” The buyers email me back that they also listened to the sellers and cannot access folders on the Music file.

    Therefore, the Music file always starts on Song 1 from Folder 1 E-V-E-R-Y-T-I-M-E! This is so annoying, mostly if you are familiar with Apple’s iPod. Let’s say I want to work out, and I have a Work Out folder (which I do). Well, I have to scroll through about 200 songs going forward, or through 25 songs going backwards because there is no way to just select the folder (aka Playlist with iPods).

    In the end it frustrated me so much that I gave it to my 9 year old son and purchased the 4GB Nano. I DO miss the FM Radio which I am trying to find an adaptor to use with the Nano, but I LOVE my AUTHENTIC iPod Apple Nano!!!! I even got free engraving from Apple that has my name on it on the 1st line and “Just do it.” on the second line.

    • Jim Says:

      I bought the same one from E-bay and can’t get anything to work. First Addible and my local library downloads won’t work nor will they even talk to me just saying that I got shafted . It’s a fake. Although the picvture on e-bay had the Apple and the other writing at the bottom oif the back containing the serial number. Mine is pristine…..Nothing. In the setup routine it had 2009/07/02…9.5.60.; QS_ak2027…and then 2010/08/3. Still I haber no way to find out how to download books as my wife is blind and I get books for her. Thanks Jim

  7. Gryphon Says:

    Hi i bought an ipod nano clone about a month ago and im pretty happy with it. It is very time consuming when going thru your songs but the sound quality is great. I actually sold my 4GB ipod mini to get an ipod video but they are so expensive so i bought a 2GB clone for $175 (NZ). I got a 3 month warranty which is great and im very happy with the product

  8. Tanya Says:

    I just bought a Nano knock off from eBay, and came across a very interesting guide in the process. According to the guide, the fake Nanos are designed with an open source operating system (the s1mp3 – cheap, I know) which can be modified to one’s liking. Does anyone know where I could find instructions about how to do this? I’m goo with computers, but not yet THAT good!

    Hi Tanya

    It is true that most of the Chinese players use the same chip, and same operating system.  This OS has been upgraded a few times, eg for MP4 [video] players, and players with 1.5″ and 1.8″ screens etc.  There are 2 very good websites to start with, which have lots of updates to firmware, along with advice and other programs.:



    However, having fried one or two MP3 players by trying to upgrade the firmware, my advice would be, to think about, then think about it again, then don’t do it! – aussie149

  9. badvocab Says:

    owned a couple of ipods and i think apple is starting to go very mainstream on selling products. i’ve used mac for a long time now, and in my country you can actually count mac users, not that many. how ever, now, even fucking retards and bimbos are plugging in ipods into their ears!!
    just wanted to say, if u are purchasing an ipod beware because the battery life, like the ones i owned can only last around 18 months before they go kaput! dead! etc…
    the price for a battery replacement can cost double the price of these fakies mentioned above. hell, my ipod mini’s battery replacement can give me 4 of these fakies, the 2gb ones, that’s 8 gb and i dont have to be fucking worried about DRM and shit!!

  10. joe.pr Says:

    Hello Guys
    Talking about Nano Ipods and Fakes… or Just !!!!!JUSTICE!!!!
    Ipods are hell of good….But Still HIGH ON PRICE. I must say Its Irrazonabily HIGH!!!!!. How can Apple expect 90% plus of the world, to buy their stufff!!!! Ipods are for High Income People (as a start). USA People often pay very HIGH PRICES ON STUFF JUST TO BE THE FIRST TO HAVE IT. They doent care if the company spends just a couple of dollars making them. My father just happened to work at a local factory were famous Jean’s Brands ordered their product. Factory put everithing, and they only had to bring their LOGOS. JUST FOR $2.75 a piece.!!!!! At a local store, or all over the world, the Jeans were 35, 45, 55, 70, plus (depends on brand). An pleople were running like cattle to buy it…A vivid example is sony with their stuff…. A PLAYSTATION 2 WAS 400 Plus at first… Now you can find it for $100. Online Pleople Paid over 600 bidding (POOR JERKS) THATS WHY IS FAIR TO HAVE A NEW “FAKE” (better to say copy) if its legal. (BY THE WAY ASK ONLINE STORES THAT SELL STUFF WITH LEGAL DISCLAIMERS THAT SELLS THEM FOR DOZENS) THANKS

  11. Vanessa Says:

    Thank you for writing this article. I’m doing research for a Science Class on “Materials in Consumer Products”, and we needed to find competitors of the product we chose to research. This article greatly helped, so thanks again!


    hi like 3 month ago i bougth from a shop mi ipod clone and im very happy with it, i allready make changes in the firmware so it look like a ipod nano, basicly my player i think is better and more interesting that the nano original, why because i could customize my player like i want it to be, for less money i have video playback and all that stuff, yes ipod nano original is good in quality but, now in this days people or going to buy what ever is better and is including something else for less money,.,,, a good page for customize you clone is


    just have backup of you original firmware and dont mess with that volts of the device…



  13. basho Says:

    Unfortunate ! I brought A fake Ipod Nano (2gb) but happen to be 256Mb !

    I happen to be looking for an Apple Ipod here at Ikeja Market (Lagos, Nigeeria) then one guy told me that the have the cheapest Ipod available in their shop, I actually don’t know much about ipod before, that can make me to even identify whether it is fake. I recently called the shop, and I told them that I am coming back to claim my money back, because the item the gave me (the so-called Ipod nano 2gb) is just 256 mp4 Player that’s all.

    So now, want I don’t know is whether Apple Inc. is taking any major actions on this issue of faked products. Because to be sincere I learnt that these products came from China, simply because of most of marketers here at Ikeja Markets normally buy cheaptest electronics gadgets at China.

    I am using Apple ibook G4, in which I try even to see whether I can update the software version of the so-called Ipod, but it cannot even come up from the iTune that I recently updated to version 7.1

    Basho Ikeja- Lagos, Nigeria.

  14. basho Says:

    I am surfing and still found a Complete China Company, infact proudly announcing that they are selling Fake ! Ipod products and free shipping…. What These people really means ??? Apple must respond !

    check out thier link below:


  15. Marcus Says:

    I just bought a knock off nano, and it works fine. The video, the fm radio features are cool also.

  16. Justin grosz Says:

    ok for starters I got my Uncle to pick me up a Ipod mp4 8 gigabytes from china for christmas and was amazed by just reading it. but then i tryed to put songs on it it worked but i cant seem to put ANY videos on it. because i gues they only take AMV files and canada only has Mpegs and Jpgs and Movs But i was wondering if anyone can come up with a sollution to my problem and tell me if i Need a AMV converter to transfer my Mpegs to AMV’s or if my uncle just got knock off one and its not going to ever play videos because it is a knock off .. And plus on the box it says 2 G and on the actual player it says its 8 G’s and its noting really like the nanos since its the Mp4 ones like the scroll circle or the main screen. seems nice if i could just find a way to play videos please SOMEONE HELP

  17. Robby Says:

    Very interesting read. My grandpa picked up a fake Nano in China and I am very familiar with genuine iPods so when I turned this thing on I instantly knew something was up. The product isnt horrible but as someone mentioned above I have not found a way to access the music directly, instead I have to skip through to get to a desired song. I think I will stick with my authentic 30g video. I have to give credit to the manufacturers however, I had to call an actual Apple store to find out that it was a fake. I should have known it was fake when I found out it didnt use iTunes.

  18. aussie149 Says:

    A number of people commenting are asking whether Apple is about to do something in regard to the fake ipod industry. I would imagine not. If they were going to do anything, I would imagine that they would have by now.

    Apart from the fact that Apple is moving on, and now selling a number of new models [inc pink etc nano’s], this is still small-fry. The rate of sales of these machines is miniscule compared to genuine Apples, so they are not a big threat, although a number of larger western dealers are selling them now, as distinct from small-volume eBay dealers. The fakes come from the same city [the same factories??] as Apple’s machines, in a country where copyright protection is not traditionally strong. I would imagine that Apple would respond to the threat if they cloned the iPod operating system,but there is no suggestion of that happening, since they use an entirely different chip.

    Q. Can we expect to see iPhone clones from Shenzhen?

  19. nati Says:

    hi i have ipod nano fake 8gb and i have problems with it

    if anyone know about it, u may help me solving it please
    my mail is natitonta@gmail.com

  20. yillv ca Says:

    I do not think that these ipod clones are knockoffs or not good i think that they are an excellent alternative to those who cannot afford to buy the realy nanos. I have bought one and am happy with it.

  21. jamez at sixteen Says:

    I’m buying a couple of the new second generation clones.
    they use a regular headphone plug. Perfect as a mother’s day gift.
    I already have an Irok and it’s still working.
    Not all of us can afford three hundred dollars. in fact, when my mother retired from her job she was still making minimun wage.

  22. imran firoz Says:

    want to import i-pods from china at best buy prices

  23. imran firoz Says:

    i want to import i-pods at best buy prices and latest designs

  24. sweet t Says:

    i recently bought one of these fake ipod nanos and i’m both pleased and stressed….the radio on here works wonderfully but accessing music is a true pain. i have been reading about changing my firmware to fit my needs and have found a site but i’m not a computer genius nor am i to good with this type of technology if someone could e-mail me at missteni2007@cox.net or send me a website that can help me…plz do i don’t care to feel like i spent my money on a portable radio

  25. David Says:

    All iPod coppies are not created equal, but the factories that I am familiar with from china are using samsung flash memory, and they are true to size. All files can be accessed from the menu and i have dismantled them to get the part numbers and check them out. Previous 4gb models were made by stacking two 2gb memory chips. Now the 8gb are made stacking Two 4gb chips. I have loaded a full 8gb of music files and can access them all from the units memory. However there are many so called 8gb on the market that I can verify by my testing are 1gb chips compressed to 8gb, only 80 songs are available on the units menu, although the flash drive holds 8gb. The chinese clones are getting better all the time, they are very cost effective, you just have to be careful who you are buying from. For help and valuable information abiut these products please visit http://www.nano-tech-discount-electronics.com

  26. raja Says:

    BLACKFREDIE said in her comment that he/she helps people with fake iPods, I need quick help, but don’t have e-mail to ask a question. Please send email to me ASAP.

  27. Londres Says:

    The fakes could be said to be somewhat better due to the fact that they dont need to use itunes.

  28. andy d Says:

    i buy a ipod nano 4gb 3g it is a knock off of thr real one i got it off ebay

  29. suhael Says:

    help me all right ,please .. i just got a fake ipod nano (mp4) so when i connect my ipod to my pc via usb cable my computer doesnt read it

  30. julie Says:

    wow these nano ipod clones have been around for a while hey?

    I just got given one which was the 8gb Ipod Nano generation 3 (s1 mp3 player, wilson co ltd version 9.1.52) and was told that it is possible to use it with Itunes if u have the right software, is that true?
    Because, my pc detects it as a memory device and the only other way I can think of that it could possibly use Itunes is if it was configured with Apple Itunes software.

    Anyway, so far it’s been ok. As I have only owned the Ipod Classic (video) I was really dissapointed with this knock off. If only I could find a good software program like Itunes it would make life so much easier e.g. less scrolling through each song to get to the song you want to play!

    If anyone has any tips or info, pls email me at char1zma@hotmail.com

    p.s as for the person above asking about amv converter to play videos, this nano came with a program to convert files into amv and i’m sure if u look up the net u’ll be able to find plenty that do it too.

  31. kikio1012 Says:

    I have a fake ipod nano with 8 GB (according to my computer), but im freaking out because i cant deal with the menu and i dont know how to use it… can someone tell me something plzzzzzz thx

  32. exile Says:

    hey yeah, i actuly have one of the new ipod nano knock offs, how can i tell its a knock off?
    1. it was ordered from china (nothing against chinese ppl)
    2. the font on it is differnt
    3.its not itunes compatible
    4.instead of moving ur thumb over the scroll pad to move up down etch
    u have to press the buttons instead.

    i actuly came upon this site trying to find ways of tweaking (hacking it) this ipod ( i call it the Fpod) anyone wanna talk about it, email me


  33. exile Says:

    oops forgot to add, this one is really cheap, my friends dad got 10 for 300$ so thats like 30$ each.

  34. rico Says:

    hey, i recently got the 8 GB Fpod and it was woking great until now i am having formatting errors. Whenever i transfer songs to the device i get the error could anyone give me some advice on how to go about fixing this problem. You could get me at freeb32003@yahoo.com

  35. Francesco Berberian Says:

    While I wasdoing some browsing and noticed your site appears a bit messed up in my Konquerorinternet browser. I think I’m the only one still using it….

  36. Apple iPad Says:

    Technology of daft punk

  37. Ranae Kelson Says:

    This is getting a bit more subjective, but I much prefer the Zune Marketplace. The interface is colorful, has more flair, and some cool features like ‘Mixview’ that let you quickly see related albums, songs, or other users related to what you’re listening to. Clicking on one of those will center on that item, and another set of “neighbors” will come into view, allowing you to navigate around exploring by similar artists, songs, or users. Speaking of users, the Zune “Social” is also great fun, letting you find others with shared tastes and becoming friends with them. You then can listen to a playlist created based on an amalgamation of what all your friends are listening to, which is also enjoyable. Those concerned with privacy will be relieved to know you can prevent the public from seeing your personal listening habits if you so choose. Have you tried the ipad? you can get one free at FreshGiftCard.com

  38. dahshan Says:

    Hey …. i got this 8 GB Ipod … it apears to be fake!! I really need to find a way to add songs !! I TUNES doesnt work on the IPOD so I { copy > paste } but the problem is that the IPOD duplicates songs making 1 song into about 34 songs !!!! need HELP plz email me at dahshandash@hotmail.com

  39. Hannelore Laroux Says:

    Hello, like this blog very much. I found it on google will add it to bookmark and come back often again to read and follow. Please continue to do awesome job you do on it.

  40. alexis Says:

    hi i was at a chinease restarant and i noticed one of those box things that you see at walmart with the stuffed animals in it but instaed it had i pod nanos i was so lucky when i put my 20.00 in it and i got lucky and won one then my dad figured out it was a fake but it works what will i do??????????????/

  41. antalya web tasarIm Says:

    cheap fakes that’s all for us…

  42. Can Crushers : Says:

    i just wish that mp3 players could also have some 10 band equalizers and bass boost functions::,

  43. Cordless Screwdriver Says:

    those generic mp3 players that are made in china are really cheap but i still prefer to use my ipod .,’

  44. Kevin e. Blanchard Says:

    well I just happen to have gotten screwwed by a guy on e-bay (who is now kicked off for life) but I got one of those black nano i-pod knock offs and it really does have 16GB I checked the settings on the inside but it did come from china and i did see an exact pic of it that you have but anyway now that im stuck with it…it doesnt run that bad my problem is “I had it plugged into my computer becasue I really thought it was an i-pod when I first got it…and since there was no way to “eject” it properly from i-tunes site now it wont turn on unless it is either plugged into a power source or into the computer again”””danngit doews anyone know how to get around this? I figure I can download music to it differently but I need to get this eject thing fixed so that I can start using it again…I dont care I am stuck with it so I am going to use it….please hook me up with someone who can help me out????thkanks very much Kev

    • FB Says:

      Hi Kevin,
      I found the same problem with a clone I bought and just when I was starting to freak out I found the solution:

      1- Move the On/Off switch to ON.
      2- Press the PLAY button until it starts up.

      Hope it works for you.

  45. Lucille Engle Says:

    I think other website proprietors should take this web site as an model, very clean and wonderful user genial style and design, as well as the content. You’re an expert in this topic!

  46. tierapotheke online Says:

    I found your weblog website on google and verify a couple of of your early posts. Continue to maintain up the very good operate. I just further up your RSS feed to my MSN Information Reader. Looking for forward to reading extra from you in a while!…

  47. aussie149 Says:

    To all the thousands of people who have visited my site, thanks. There have been 70,000 visitors over the years. And thanks for the positive comments from several readers. For those who have enquired, I do not update the ipod nano site any more.

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